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Hire Artists U to do workshops in your community. We are especially interested in supporting local artist leadership with tools like our Workbook and Working Groups. We have an approach and tools, but we are not the answer. Empowered local artists are the answer.

Building a Sustainable Life as an Artist
One and a half day intensive (often Friday 7:00-8:30 and Saturday 10:00-5:00)
This is the full introduction to the Artists U approach and toolkit. Topics and discussions include: Strategic Planning, Finances for Artists, Time Management, Open Forum resource and network sharing, Artist Statement, and Communicating About Your Work. Artists leave with the Workbook and the option to continue meeting in Working Groups.

Leading Your Working Group: Facilitator Training for Local Artist Leaders
Three hour workshop
We intorduce local artist leaders to our facilitation approach with an emphasis on hosting a Working Group. Working Groups meet monthly five times to provide dialogue and accountability as artists complete the core competencies of Artists U: strategic planning, financial clarity, time management, and artist statement. This workshop works best paired with Building a Sustainable Life as an Artist; artist leaders experience the workshop and then are trained as facilitators.

Making Your Life as an Artist
Two hour talk and discussion
An introduction to the Artists U approach, based on Andrew Simonet's book Making Your Life as an Artist: the role of the artist, the challenges we face, and the tools we (already) have to overcome them. Focuses on strategic planning, and includes copies of the Artists U Workbook and Working Group curriculum.

Grant Writing for Artists
Thee hour workshop
Based on 20 years of grant writing and art making, Andrew Simonet introduces principles for writing simple, clear grants. We will read a set of short proposals as a pretend panel, scoring and discussing them. No bull, no fancy powerpoints, just real-world tools for artists who write (or want to write) grants.

Artists Raising Kids
Four hour workshop and conversation
Based on a national survey and in-depth interviews with artist parents, this workshop/conversation looks at the specific challenges facing artists who raise children, with a particular focus on time and money (but mostly time) and momentum/identity (how artists parents maintain their practice and stay connected).

Me and My We: Artists with Companies, Ensembles, and Collaborations
Three hour workshop
This workshop is for artists who work in collaboration or formal company structures. How do you balance the demands of your company and your own artistic practice? How do you distinguish your individual artistic identity and your collective identity? And what about those endless meetings? Real world examples and exercises excavate the magic and struggle of working together.

Artists U has offered workshops hosted by and in partnership with:
  ▴ Fringearts (Philadelphia)
  ▴ Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
  ▴ Arts and Science Council (Charlotte)
  ▴ Springboard for the Arts (St. Paul)
  ▴ Repertory Dance Development Initiative (New England Foundation for the Arts)
  ▴ Chicago Dancemakers Forum
  ▴ Cowles Center (Minneapolis)
  ▴ Baltimore American Indian Center
  ▴ Leeway Foundation (Philadelphia)
  ▴ Davinci Art Alliance
  ▴ Penn Center (St. Helena Island, SC)
  ▴ Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance
  ▴ South Carolina Arts Commission
  ▴ Gibney Dance Center (NYC)
  ▴ Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (Los Angeles)
  ▴ Delaware Division of the Arts
  ▴ Robeson County Arts Council (Pembroke, NC)
  ▴ Germantown United CDC