Un/distracted: A SURVEY + COnversation

How do we as artists manage our digital lives?
How do we maintain our artistic focus and still answer all those emails?
How do we resist distraction and interruption, stay solvent in our "attention economy?"

For years, we've been hearing from artists who are overwhelmed by the demands of email and social media. We also hear from artists who manage their attention with creative interventions and tools. Attention and focus are key assets for artists. But many technologies now work hard to chip away at our focus. We will share findings from our Un/Distracted survey, discuss tools and tactics for finding balance, and finally solve everybody's email crisis.

Un/Distracted: Making Art in the Age of Interruption
Monday, December 11, 7:00-9:00 pm

Asian Arts Initiative
1219 Vine Street, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia PA