MAKING Your Life as an Artist

A guide to building a balanced, sustainable artistic life.

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Thank you.

Thank you for being an artist. Thank you for making your work.

Thank you for choosing a life which can be hard, and hard to explain.

Why is it so hard? Why are so many talented artists exhausted and broke? MAKING Your Life as an Artist, a new book by me, Andrew Simonet, looks at the challenges artists face:

Why artists are poor and why we shouldn’t be.
The crucial role artists play in culture, and why it’s often under-valued.
Tools and principles artists have used to thrive.
Why artists already have the skills needed to make balanced, sustainable lives.

Grounded in my 20-year career as a choreographer, I look at why artists’ lives are so punishing, and what we can do to change. Since 2006, my program, Artists U, has built a grassroots, artist-run platform for building balanced, sustainable artist lives. Like all Artists U programming, the ebook of MAKING Your Life as an Artist is free and available to all.