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Minneapolis: all-day workshop for dance artists

Building a Sustainable Life as a Dance Artist
A free one-day workshop for dancers and movement makers

Too many brilliant, mission-driven dance artists are exhausted, broke and overwhelmed.

I am a choreographer. I ran a dance company for 20 years. In this workshop, I will share tools and principles artists have used to thrive. And we will build a conversation, a realistic, un-complainy conversation that sees the challenges but also acknowledges that our skills are more than up to the task. We will do some specific, practical work (planning, writing about our work) and some big picture thinking. And we will look at the specific challenges facing dance artists: the demands of creating and producing the work, funding and touring cycles, and a supposedly embodied life that too often ends up in front of a laptop for eight hours.

Target Education Studio, The Cowles Center, 528 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN
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